We come from different places,
speak various languages,
articulate individualistic perspectives,
in this moment in time,
now we understand,
the path we walk on,
is more than just dreams and personal direction,
it’s a wavering journey.

Some people need help to get to where they need to be,
others are strong enough to make things happen on their own,
but in life it’s all about participation,
connecting with others and learning new things,
diving into the pages of a great book,
dancing in the rain,
swimming in the ocean,
telling your crush you like them even if it hurts,
and realizing that your grandparents have actually enlightened you.

Accepting your flaws,
knowing you might be a jerk, selfish, or bit eccentric,
when you don’t have your morning coffee,
not taking your parents for granted,
because when they’re gone-they’re gone,
and learning to save your money,
because blowing it at the mall doesn’t make sense anymore.

Deciding to ride your bike around town,
because you know the trees will love you for it,
and fresh air and a bit of exercise is good for you,
not crying a thousand tears when you boyfriend or girlfriend dumps you,
because like a bus there will always be another around the corner,
even when you make a million mistakes,
you are not discouraged,
you live life to the fullest,
because things always turn out Great at the end.

And so you leave your childish years behind,
and move on to the grown up world,
but you will always be a kid at heart,
you’ll create a whole new life for yourself,
and yes there will be hardship and pain,
but that’s life,
and you will make the best of it,
with all the enthusiasm you can muster,
while growing older and taking bigger strides,
you’ll marry the one you’ve been waiting for all your life,
and you’ll be really happy,
but eventually you’ll be at your end,
and having no regrets,
you’ll greet death like an old friend.

But for now,
enjoy the ride,
have many experiences,
make a lot of friends,
make mistakes and learn from them,
read a lot of books but question everything,
know who you are and never let anyone tell you who to be,
give it your all,
it’s time to begin,
this is it,

Das Leben tanzen

Asperse in me what is divine,

whatever betides hold me close,

in a vision the inscrutable gives light,

we succumb to an auspicious night,

fancy this wretched lady?,

heart beating like a drum,

facing life like a true warrior,

at dawn we march on.


They sing,

belaboring their pain after it had been ceased,

hurting themselves intentionally,

while the trees make their presence known through the wind,

I take pride in purity,

in there lies my strenght,

seemingly ambivalent but I believe the sun will rise again,

the fever taking over from my heart to my mind,

facing life with the vultures nipping at my legs,

I march on to the place I call “Paradise”.


There I yearn for the waters,

that take comfort in my womb,

reenacting the visions in my head,

He did not see them,

but he heard my yelp,

so we were facing life,

dancing once again,

and my heart grows hollow,

not wanting to touch,

not afraid to grow old,

just facing life though aphotic,

there is light,

the voices in my head grow louder,

demons seek to take hold of me,

but I started to dance again,

facing life without fear,

and the voices rejoiced in my new-found glory.


Although the demons may try to devour my mind,

I grew stronger,

my body moved to the ancient drums,

and I danced once again,

facing life.


O’ Mighty river,

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!,

Thou has forsaken me,

with ravaged leaves and broken twigs,

deliberately thrust upon old aged rocks,

I plead not to become part of you,

but yet I am engulfed in your essence.


O’ Mighty river,

Hear Ye!, Hear Ye!,

Thou has forsaken me,

the unexpected blow leaves a throbbing pain,

What is it that you seek to gain?

I forget and ponder,

incessantly try to wander,

but I’m left to wonder,

and suddenly thou take me under.


O’ Mighty River,

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!,

Thou has forsaken me,

What Evil lingers here,

luring the passionate and curious souls,

ruthless in your wake,

even those who frivolously pray for mercy,

in no immediate danger,

you laugh and take them without remorse,

so Why do I plead for mercy?

I refuse to be taken in your arms,

and I fight you but I know you won’t let go.


O’ Mighty River,

Thou has forsaken me,

and I’m going under.

Poetry Preludes to Work In Progress

The following poem called, To Write Love In Her Arms, is a prelude to the actual story about a girl who has been emotionally abused and her determination to better herself.  She endures constant humiliation, belittling, and was almost raped. At one point falls into a deep depression and tries to commit suicide. Will she ever gain the courage and strength to overcome the pain she’s endured for years?


To Write Love in Her Arms


Pernicious lies swarm her mind,

she cries out in the dark,

with an unrelenting sadness,

the wolves tear at the gourd,

but they pose no threat to her.


In her solemn state,

toppling over into the grave,

seemingly nonchalant about the storm,

she doesn’t fret about the upcoming doom,

for in her sadness,

she’s lost in albatross.


Never to frolic again,

the gentlemen callers are unwelcomed,

her heart falters,

repressed to a monochromatic perspective,

in her gloomy state,

faced with an uncertain fate.


She whispers softly,

calling his name,

but the sadness attenuates her spirit,

unknowingly seeking the love of a deceiver,

he leaves her broken,

in her sadness.


To write love in her arms,

that she is beautiful,

that she is cared for,

regardless of their dissidence,

abolishing her fears,

keeping her near,

showing her how to live,

but in the dark,

she cries out softly,

in sadness.


Madison’s Diary

I always wanted to be a model. It had been my dream since I was in the 3rd grade but of course my wretched old mother would disapprove. She wanted me to become a doctor like that was going to happen. Father had left her when I was born, so she was left to take care of me. God bless her heart, but sometimes she could be a real hard head. Nevertheless, I can’t blame her because she had drop out of high school to get a job and raise me at sixteen years of age. She did the best she could and its a shame that I let her down this bad. She didn’t deserve this.

My life was all planned out the day I was born.

“Oh, I hope she don’t turn out like me” my mom, Bonnie said to her mother, Martha.

“Let’s hope so” Martha smirked

“I hope she be a doctor or something….something great” momma said to no one in particular. They named me Madison after my great grandmother, Madison Greenwich, who was a very successful real estate broker. Somehow I knew I would never live up to her greatness. I wasn’t good in school mainly because I always cut class just so I could find a way to pay for the modeling portfolio that I desperately needed. I’m going to be a supermodel just like Heidi Klum, I would tell myself as I went to bed each night.

Little did I know that that dream would never come true rather a horrible nightmare would destroy my life forever. It all started with a modeling casting flyer promising fame and fortune. I came upon it while walking home from school. They were posted everywhere; from park benches to bus stops. I thought I could finally get my big break and get out of this god awful town. As soon as I got home, I ran to my room all excited. That would be the last time I would smile.

It wasn’t a dream come true. Instead of glamour and fame I was forced into the horrible world of human trafficking. I was incessantly raped by hundreds of men and women, beaten to an inch of death, and drugged. I kept a diary consisting of napkins, paper towels, and bath tissue of everything that happened to me; hoping somebody would read it. I would leave them behind sinks, under mattresses, or anywhere I thought somebody could find them. I lost my virginity to a fifty-year old investment analyst who was married and had a daughter about my age. That was not how I had dreamed I would lose it but yet again nothing turned out as I planned.

The Silent Circus

Perpetual blurred images swarmed my mind while I lay on the cold granite floor as I took another hard kick to the stomach.

“Freak!” Burt and his friends taunted me. Burt had always warned me that one day he would get me for getting him suspended last year. He was the bully of the school and hated me the most because I was the “weirdo.” I had no friends, wore unconventional clothing which was mainly all black, and was infatuated with witchcraft. My fellow peers would spit at me, throw rocks at me, and one time Burt had his pit-bull chase after me. I had to get 16 stitches on my left leg. My parents sued his parents and we got a huge settlement. That was last year, our junior year. The school got notified of the incident and they suspended Burt for a month. I was hoping they would expel him but that wouldn’t solve anything. He would come after me after school since he lived just four houses down from me.

I tried to get away but I felt someone grab my legs and pull me back. The jagged rocks underneath me scrapped my arms, hands, and face. I will not let them win, I thought to myself. Painfully, I turned around and kicked Jason in the face then made my way out of the menacing circle. Burt and his friends screamed after me.

“You’re dead, freak!” I heard Jason yell at me. Suddenly, a thick fog engulfed the town. All I could see was the thick mist. I also realized that I couldn’t hear or see Burt or any of his friends. I continued to move towards what I thought was Clementine Street, but there was nothing to see to prove the latter. Staggering like the wounded animal that I was, I felt like I was going to pass out right there and then. How could they ambush a girl like that?! I thought to myself. The anger started to build and revenge consumed my thoughts.

“They will pay” I heard someone whisper. I rapidly turned around but there was nobody in sight.

“Ouch” I said as I bent over in pain. I didn’t know how I was going to get home in this fog, Burt had trashed my phone so there was no way of calling anyone to get me. Even so how would anybody find me in this fog if I did manage to find a way to contact them. I decided to keep walking north, hoping I was right about where I was walking towards to. About a hundred yards in I saw a dark figure about six feet away from me.

“Hey!” I screamed as I made my way to it. As I drew closer I realized that it was a person but this person was dressed in a clown suit with a head full of curly red hair. Its head turned slowly towards me and it smiled. A freaking clown?! I stared at it not knowing what to do or say. Then it motioned for me to follow it. I caught a glimpse of a bloody finger and felt a shiver run down my back. This was too creepy.

“Got you!” someone screamed as I felt strong hands grab me from behind.

“AH!” I shrieked as I jumped in fear. It was Burt and his friends, again.

“Shall we continue, Madora?” Jason smirked at me.

“Hey, is that a clown?” one of Burt’s friend’s excitedly asked.

“Oh my lordly, it is a god awful clown” Burt responded sarcastically. The clown yet again gestured for us to follow it.

“Let’s go see what this clown wants” Burt exclaimed as he ran after the clown with his friends not far behind. I wanted to yell after them not to go, but they had already disappeared through the thick fog. Something just didn’t seem right about that clown and this thick fog that seemed to get thicker with every passing moment. I felt a terrible panic attack coming on. What if I never find my way back home?! I didn’t want to be all alone so I ran in the direction Burt headed after the clown. I ran for about ten minutes when I was on the verge of giving up because there was nothing in sight but fog. However, I decided to keep going and that’s when I saw the patch of green grass. Of course, I ran straight for it and was shocked by what I saw next.

There surrounded by the thick fog was a ghastly deserted circus with a huge golden ferris wheel.Where did this circus come from?! I thought to myself. As I entered its grounds, I saw an old sign that looked like it was from an ancient time. It took me a while to decipher what was on it but I finally figured that it read, “The Silent Circus.”

“The Silent Circus” I read out loud.

“Creepy, huh?” someone asked behind me. I turned to face Jason.

“Yeah, it is. How you think it got here?” I whispered.

“Who cares? We going to trash it anyway.” Burt interrupted. I felt that cold shiver again running down my back when a silver dagger came flying and pierced through the skull of one of Burt’s friends. This was the first time I ever saw someone die and I was known for having a weak stomach. I steered my body opposite of the dead body and crouched over while I vomited.

“Jake!” I heard people screaming.

“We have to get out of here!” I bellowed in pain. The opening had disappeared and we weren’t sure from where we had entered exactly. We were trapped.

Grandma’s Sunflowers

Grandma’s Sunflowers

Riveting seas of color attracted my attention as I walked into my grandma’s secret garden. As I recall she may have had all the flowers in the world growing in what I called a meticulously landscaped masterpiece. As a child I always loved playing in the garden, hence the fact that it was technically where I was born. Mother was in the garden when she went into labor and she gave birth to me by the sunflower bed. Therefore, it was only appropriate to name me, Sonny.

“Sonny, yes that’s it,” Grandma smiled at her daughter, Evelyn.

“It’s perfect!” Evelyn exclaimed while she beamed at her new born daughter. Father had been by her side, holding her hand. He died a few weeks later in a car accident. It was a terrible blow to mother’s psyche. They were high school sweethearts and had been through so much. Mother fell into a great depression and was unable to care for me, so grandma offered to raise me while mother got help.
So many days and nights were spent in grandma’s garden. It was after all her forte. When I was five, she taught me how to properly plant my first seed. I didn’t know it then but she was teaching me a valuable lesson.
“Sonny, to grow the perfect sunflower you need the sun and good soil” Grandma said to me.
“What’s soil?” I asked
“Soil is dirt, honey” she smiled. The sunflower bed exploded into an infestation of sunflowers over the next 12 years. They had overtaken the garden and they were huge. For grandma’s 85th birthday we decided to have a surprise party in the garden. Mother had gotten better by then. Grandma however had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s when I was 12.

“No matter what I forget I will always find my way back to them (Sunflowers).” Grandma told me the day before she died. We were all gathered in the garden for her 85th birthday. My cousins were running around, uncle and aunts were chattering about, and mother was being a great host. I noticed that grandma was nowhere to be seen so I went looking for her. You see her garden was terribly enormous and it would be easy for one to get lost.

“Grandma!” I yelled. Deep in the garden, I saw her lifeless body laying in the bed of sunflowers where I was born. Doctor told us she died of a brain aneurism while trying to find her way back to the party. In her right hand they found a sunflower seed. No matter what she forgot she always found her way back to them.

Chapter 5: The Perfect Happy Family

Chapter  5.

“Lisa” I heard a distant low voice say. I felt so groggy and my head was pounding. As I opened my eyes, everything seemed so blurry at first and for a moment I wasn’t sure where I was. Then I remembered everything that occurred before I passed out.

“Are you ok?” someone asked as I turned to the direction of the voice. Standing next to my hospital bed was a young nurse with a real bad blonde hair dye. I mean if you’re going to go blonde, get it done right! She was alright looking though but those nurse clothes did her body no justice. I could barely make out her name as I struggled to read her name tag. After my eyes adjusted to the poor dim lights, I was finally able to read her name. Her name tag read, Jasmine Connor.

“I feel like I have a hangover,” I murmured.

“You took a nasty fall,” Jasmine said.

“No, really, you think?!” I retorted.

“Do you want to see your brother? Your mother is still in intensive care.” Jasmine smiled.

“I can’t handle people right now. I need to rest,” I muttered.

“Ok, is there anything you need?” Jasmine asked.

“No, thank you. You may go.” I replied. She smiled at me and I watched her leave my room. Essentially, all I wanted to do was lose myself in oblivion. If only I could slip away but my dreams are prone to project black and white images of the disaster that is my life. No amount of money can fix the troubles of a dysfunctional family; it is like living in a strange world. Longing to catch some sleep but with no avail because father abruptly burst into the room.

“Oh honey!”

“How’s my princess?” Father uttered.

“A bloody mess” I smiled.

“Are you ok? How’s your mother?” he asked.

“Yes, I’m fine but mother is still in intensive care,” I replied.

“What happened?” Father inquired.

“She passed out due to excessive exercising with an empty stomach,” I quickly replied. It wasn’t the whole truth but I couldn’t actually tell him everything. It wasn’t my place to say. Mother would have to tell him but it was highly doubtful that she would. She would get an abortion behind his back rather than own up to her indiscretions. Mother was never one to take responsibility for her actions; she always took the easy way out.

“So how is the food here? You want me to bring you something?” Father suddenly asked interrupting my thoughts.

“I haven’t eaten anything, so I wouldn’t know.”

“Don’t really feel like eating anything, though,” I replied.

“Ok, princess,” Father smiled. He stayed a few hours with me then went to check on mom. James came in to check on me and told me mother was awake now. Dr. Daniels gave me a quick check-up around 7:30 then said it was ok for me to go home, if I wished to go. There was no way I was going home until I found out who was the father of the baby my mother was carrying. I slipped into her room and saw father sitting besides her holding her hand. They were looking into each other’s eyes so lovingly. What great actors are my parents? I thought to myself. I made up some wild request for California rolls from Yung Shi Delicacy, which is the most luxurious sushi restaurant in Malibu. There is a two year waiting list to even get a table there but father is friends with the owner so he gets access anytime. Of course, father would jump and go just to please his princess.  After he left, I gave mother a stern look.

“It’s not Quinn’s,” mother said in a low voice.

“Whose is it, then,” I demanded.

“Mark Beyer’s” mother answered.

“What?!” someone screamed and we both turned to see James by the door. Oh, no, I thought. Mom, how could you?

“You slept with my boyfriend!” James stormed in yelling at mom.

“Your boyfriend?!” mother screamed. I saw the color drain from James face as he realized what he had just done. There was no coming back from this; what was done was done.

“I hate you!” James cried out as he turned and ran crying out the door, while I sank to my knees as I saw my perfect life crumble.

Chapter 4: The Perfect Happy Family

PHF: Chapter 4

How did Quinn know about father? I wondered as I drove out the driveway  in my new white BMW. I had gotten it for my 16th birthday. My mind was consumed with so much chaos that I could barely concentrate on the road. I felt like I was going to get a heart attack. The drive to school was seemingly frenzied. I almost ran over an elderly woman while contemplating how I was going to get rid of Quinn. She gave me a death stare when I stopped just a few inches from her; I didn’t really care though. Nothing else mattered to me at that moment. When I arrived at school I begrudgingly got out the car and headed to my homeroom. The St. Bernard High School looked mighty with its Greek inspired architecture and beautiful green lawn. It was indeed quite beautiful. As I walked up the marble steps and through the huge expensive wood doors into the empty cathedral hallway, I completely disregarded the fact that I was extremely late for my first class.

I hurried up the white marble stairs in my Balenciaga heels to my Economics class. Professor Michaels was writing equations on the board when I opened the door. Everyone looked my way as I slid into my desk.

“Glad you could make it, Bertha” Michaels exclaimed in a sarcastic tone. He was not only my economics professor but also my godfather. Bertha was my middle name which was given to me in my great grandmother’s honor. I hated that name. He knew I hated it and so he tormented me with it. I gave him a fake smile and grabbed my book out my Louis Vuitton messenger bag.

“Yes, I’m glad you’re here” someone gushed behind me. I turned around to smile at Patrick. We had assigned seats so it could only be him. Patrick has been my best friend since kindergarten and he’s also Michaels son. I loved Patrick’s smile; he had this crooked nerdy smile but yet it was still so intriguing to me. Mother always teased us that we would get married but I could never see him as a love interest because I’ve know him since we were in diapers.

“Oh, you’re such a doll” I responded playfully. Patrick laughed then motioned for me to pay attention because his father was glaring at us. I turned around without looking at Michaels direction and just stared at my book with a sheepish smile on my face. I couldn’t concentrate on anything throughout the day. The day seemed like a blur and I became frustrated over stupid things. All I could think about was upholding my family’s name and reputation. Reputation is everything in my world and threats are not taken lightly. You would think I was this rich weak little stupid girl but yet again you would be wrong. I’m in the top five percent of my class, captain of the soccer team, and I volunteer at a children’s hospital. I do it all and I have it all.
When I got back home, mother was exercising again but this time she decided to do yoga in the kitchen.

“Mom, did you even eat?” I asked her.

“Never” she responded breathlessly. I rolled my eyes in disapproval. She never ate anything. I mean, when she felt like she was going to pass out she would grab a small piece of cheddar cheese but that was it. Mother still looked like a model and her face was flawless.

“How was school?” mother asked me.

“Great” I lied as I headed up to my room. My mind was racing with thoughts of what had happened the last few days. I didn’t want to think about it because I was driving myself insane. How could a person feel and think so much? I thought I would explode. I shouldn’t have all this stress, hence the fact that I’m only 17 and should only be worried about getting top grades at school. When I entered my room I threw myself upon my bed covered with the finest 800 thread count Egyptian sheets; only the best for me. I contemplated doing some homework but was too reluctant.
A few hours later, I felt hands shaking me. Apparently, I had fallen asleep which was weird because I never took naps. It was James who was franticly trying to get me up. He looked worried.

“What is your problem?” I asked hastily.

“Mum is passed out on the kitchen floor,” James screamed. I jumped out my bed and ran out with James right behind me. When I got to the kitchen I saw our mom sprawled on the floor. She looked so pale.

“Call 911!” I yelled at James. We stayed by her side while we waited for the ambulance. Of course, the whole community would be outside our house because everyone wants to know everything about everyone here in Sevres Avenue. When we got to the hospital all James and I could do  was wait anxiously for any news of mother. We tried calling our father but he wasn’t picking up his phone. The doctor finally came out a few moments later.

“Hi, I’m Dr. Daniels. You must be Mrs. Monroe’s children, correct?”

“Yes”, James and I responded in unison.

“How’s are mother? What happened?” I asked.

“Your mother has been starving herself and excessively exercising” Dr. Daniels responded. “In her condition, she should be taking better care of herself.”

“What do you mean in her condition?” James asked.

“Don’t you know? Your mother is pregnant.” Dr. Daniels answered. I suddenly felt dizzy. Our parents slept in different rooms and haven’t had sex in seven years. So, that baby belonged to only one person, Quinn. My knees started to shake and then everything went black. The last thing I heard was James screaming my name.

The Perfect Happy Family: Chapter 3

PHF: Chapter 3

I came around a while later to James splashing my face with water from a spritz bottle. My eyes were blurry and I felt like I had a really bad hangover. “Why does my head hurt so much?” I asked wearily. Somehow I had blocked all sounds because James had been screaming at me the whole time.

“Are you okay?!” James yelled at me.

“Whoa! Not so loud, dude” I responded feverishly.

“I slapped your face a couple of times but you wouldn’t wake up. I was about to call mom and dad….” James’ voiced trailed off.  So that’s why my head hurt so much, I thought to myself. Why hadn’t I woken up? A slap to the face would surely wake me up but James said he hit me a couple of times.

“So, I didn’t move or anything when you hit me?” I asked James

“No, it was weird. You lay there like a dead body.” He responded with a concern look on his face.

“Well I’m not dead, see!” I joked even though I was actually perplexed by what had happened.

“Did you eat?” James asked.

“Uh, yeah” I lied.

“So what were we talking about before I fainted?” I asked.

“I told you I was planning to marry Mark” James said with a smile on his face.

“You can’t marry him. You can’t.” I hissed.

“I thought you’d be happy for me! I guess I was wrong.” James murmured.

“You really think this is a good plan? You know what they’ll do to you at school?” I screamed. Suddenly, my bedroom door drew open and mother rushed in with a scowl.

“Shut up and go to bed!” she shushed at us. She then turned and walked back to her bedroom. We waited until we heard her close her door. James got up and headed towards the door also. I grabbed his arm.

“You can’t tell anybody about this. We’ll be ruined. You’ll be ruined.” I whispered in a harsh tone.  He just looked at me then shook away from my grip. I watched him as he walked to his bedroom to the other side of the house. No one could ever know that my brother is a gay, I thought. We would be the laugh of the town if anyone ever found out. Oh, the tragedy.  So there and then I made it my mission to be my family’s keeper. My mother is an adultery, my father is a cross dresser, and my brother is a gay. It was all too much for one day and I threw myself on my bed without changing into my pajamas. I hold my family’s secrets like the government keeps theirs. It was two in the morning by the time I feel asleep but I didn’t sleep for long. I had to wake up early for school three hours later. It was a typical Monroe morning. Father was already at the clinic, mother was exercising downstairs in our top of the art gym, and Clarisse had already made breakfast for me and James.

“James is not going to school today” Clarisse said as I walked into the kitchen.

‘What’d you mean?” I responded. “He was fine last night.”

“Well he told me he won’t be going to school today” Clarisse retorted in an annoyed tone. I retracted back up our marble steps as fast as I could to James’ room. I didn’t even knock-I just burst in.

“Yeah, see you later” I caught him saying to his phone before he hung up.

“Knock much?!” he yelled at me.

“No, you know me. Miss no manners” I mocked. “Why aren’t you going to school?”

“I’m sick.” He said with a facetious cough.

“Loser” I said as I walked out of his bedroom and made my way back to the kitchen. When I got back to the kitchen Clarisse was jumping up and down with giddiness.

“I got good gossip!” she yelled.

“What?” I ran to her with intrigue.

“Miss Sahib found panties not hers under her bed. She’s angry with Mr. Quinn!” Clarisse gushed. My heart stopped. Those were mother’s panties.

“So, is she kicking him out?” I asked Clarisse.

“I heard she wants to know the woman’s name so she could kill her” Clarisse exclaimed. Clarisse was all about the drama and neighborhood gossip. She never revealed her sources; she was smart like that. A few seconds later the door bell rang. I went to get the door but stopped in my tracks in horror when I saw that it was Sane Sahib. Did she know? It would be an insult to injury in Sahib’s case because she was one of mother’s closest friends. I regained my posture and attained all the courage I could muster as I opened the door.

“Hi” I said with a shaky voice. Sane just looked at me through her dark brown eyes. She was crying. Her usually flawless golden brown hair lay messy around her shoulders. She was a complete mess in her ripped blue jeans and stained white t-shirt.

“Is your mother home?” she sobbed.

“Uh….” I murmured but was interrupted by mother.

“Hey, oh honey, come in” mother gestured at Sane to come in. “What’s wrong?”

“Quinn cheated on me and won’t tell me with whom!” Sane screamed.

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that” mother said to Sane while comforting her. I looked at mother in disgust.

“Don’t you need to be off to school?” mother asked me.

“Yes, of course!” I replied and ran to get my book bag. I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed. My mother was sleeping with her friend’s husband and didn’t show any remorse. How could she be so vile? I wondered.  As I walked out my house I saw Mr. Quinn heading towards me.

“You have some nerve” I hissed at him.

“Me. What about your mother?” he asked seeming appalled. “What about your father?”

“What you mean my father?” I asked.

“I know your father’s secret” Quinn smirked at me. “Your father is a cross-dresser” he laughed.

“You wouldn’t dare” I threatened.

“Or would I? Don’t test me child.” He retorted. I then knew I had to get rid of him.

“What do you want?” I asked

“Let’s just say you keep your secret and I’ll keep mine” he responded. There was no way I was going to trust him with such a huge secret. I had to get rid of him one way or another; even if it meant taking drastic measures. He had to disappear. He had to die because no one is suppose to know but me. No one can ever find out the truth about my family.