Das Leben tanzen

Asperse in me what is divine,

whatever betides hold me close,

in a vision the inscrutable gives light,

we succumb to an auspicious night,

fancy this wretched lady?,

heart beating like a drum,

facing life like a true warrior,

at dawn we march on.


They sing,

belaboring their pain after it had been ceased,

hurting themselves intentionally,

while the trees make their presence known through the wind,

I take pride in purity,

in there lies my strenght,

seemingly ambivalent but I believe the sun will rise again,

the fever taking over from my heart to my mind,

facing life with the vultures nipping at my legs,

I march on to the place I call “Paradise”.


There I yearn for the waters,

that take comfort in my womb,

reenacting the visions in my head,

He did not see them,

but he heard my yelp,

so we were facing life,

dancing once again,

and my heart grows hollow,

not wanting to touch,

not afraid to grow old,

just facing life though aphotic,

there is light,

the voices in my head grow louder,

demons seek to take hold of me,

but I started to dance again,

facing life without fear,

and the voices rejoiced in my new-found glory.


Although the demons may try to devour my mind,

I grew stronger,

my body moved to the ancient drums,

and I danced once again,

facing life.