Pink for Cancer

Cancer sucks. It seems that now everyone has had someone close to them affected by this disease. I call it “The Plague”. My mom is a breast cancer survivor. I couldn’t believe it when she found out about it. I was angry for the most part, screaming at God why did he do this to my mom. But then I educated myself about this “Plague” and it’s not God’s fault.  pink-breast-cancer-symbol-picture3

There seems to be no direct culprit for this “Plague” but the harsh chemicals used in products, over-processed foods and other harmful ingredients and materials play a part in contributing to this “Plague”.

Now I make it my mission to educate others about this “Plague” and also help those who are suffering from it.

It only takes one person to care and change the world.  That’s why I wear “Pink for Cancer”.


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