Poetry Preludes to Work In Progress

The following poem called, To Write Love In Her Arms, is a prelude to the actual story about a girl who has been emotionally abused and her determination to better herself.  She endures constant humiliation, belittling, and was almost raped. At one point falls into a deep depression and tries to commit suicide. Will she ever gain the courage and strength to overcome the pain she’s endured for years?


To Write Love in Her Arms


Pernicious lies swarm her mind,

she cries out in the dark,

with an unrelenting sadness,

the wolves tear at the gourd,

but they pose no threat to her.


In her solemn state,

toppling over into the grave,

seemingly nonchalant about the storm,

she doesn’t fret about the upcoming doom,

for in her sadness,

she’s lost in albatross.


Never to frolic again,

the gentlemen callers are unwelcomed,

her heart falters,

repressed to a monochromatic perspective,

in her gloomy state,

faced with an uncertain fate.


She whispers softly,

calling his name,

but the sadness attenuates her spirit,

unknowingly seeking the love of a deceiver,

he leaves her broken,

in her sadness.


To write love in her arms,

that she is beautiful,

that she is cared for,

regardless of their dissidence,

abolishing her fears,

keeping her near,

showing her how to live,

but in the dark,

she cries out softly,

in sadness.