Minerva Rapter’s Leprechaun

Minerva Rapter’s Leprechaun: Chapter 2

I couldn’t believe it as I looked at my arms and replayed everything that had happened in my mind. This was too absurd. Leprechauns don’t exist or do they? It said it had my parents. My parents! Bewildered and confused I planted myself onto the toilet and put my head between my legs. After a few minutes, I got myself off the toilet seat and walked out into the hallway and unhurriedly walked towards the living room. I was hoping it was all a dream but the disaster from last night came into view as I drew closer. As I entered into my living room I got a whiff of a strong awful stench. It reeked of a decomposing body.
“Who died in here?!” I heard a voice yell out in disgust. I turned around to see my boyfriend, Miles, coming towards me from the kitchen. He looked handsome as always with his broad smile and gorgeous reddish brown curly hair.
“What happened here?” “Did you have a fight with the cat gain?” Miles smirked at me. I didn’t know what to say. He would think I was crazy if I told him the truth. Come to think of it; where was my cat?
“I don’t know what happened” I murmured.
“What do you mean you don’t know what happened?” “You didn’t hear somebody or something smashing your coffee table into bits!” Miles exclaimed.
“No, I did not; so stop asking me” I retorted. “I have to find my cat.” I tried to keep it together but I couldn’t and so I started to cry. Miles rushed over and pulled me close to him. I let him hold me in his strong yet warm embrace. I could smell the scent of tobacco and coffee on him. He loved his coffee and cigarettes. I had been trying to get him to quit smoking but he just wouldn’t budge.
“Did you see Cookie when you came in?” I asked him. Cookie was my brown spotted Bengal. I had gotten her when I was seven years old. My father had bought her for me for my birthday. She has been with me ever since then and actually saved my life once.
“No, I didn’t see her, babe.” Miles whispered. “Maybe she’s out back”
“I suppose she could be by the garage” I said. As we started heading towards the kitchen an abrupt sickening feeling swept over me. I tried to shake it off but somehow I knew something was wrong. Miles lead me out the back kitchen door towards the back of the house. When we got to the back of the house I scream in horror.
“Aaaaaaaaaah!” I screamed.
“Oh my god!” I heard Miles cry out. There lay my Cookie covered in blood by my garage. I ran to her.
“Somebody gut her like a pig!” I cried. I looked up and that’s when I saw it. Somebody had written “Find me gold” in her blood. I screamed and cried for a long time. Miles tried to comfort me but I was so distraught and angry.
“Find me gold? What does that mean?” Miles asked. I looked up at him as tears ran down my face. I had been holding Cookie in my arms and realized that I was now covered in her blood.
“Miles, I have to tell you something” I mumbled. Then I went on to tell him everything that had occurred last night.
“I know this seems crazy but that’s what happened” I whimpered. I stroked Cookie’s lifeless body and cried some more.
“Hey, what’s that?” Miles yelled. I looked to see where he was pointed at. There was something gleaming in Cookie’s blood by the garage door. I put Cookie down and went over to see what it was. It was a gold coin but it looked more like an ancient artifact. For the most part, it was covered in blood so I cleaned it up a bit with my pajama shirt. As I took a better look, I saw the following words engraved around the perimeter, “In the name of Zora, we beseech you.” There was more to it but it had been scratched off.
“In the name of Zora, we beseech you” Miles said softly. We looked at each other speechlessly.


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