Forbidden Enchantment

Whistle tunes they’re haunting,
one adored but now in albatross,
fleeting dreams sought here,
cramping widow a child to bear.

Loving dearly the misunderstood,
a stranger would less care,
between divided worlds,
a romance that will never take flight,
the damaged ones hurt.

They fall apart,
tears don’t sooth the pain,
they walk the beaten path,
struggling to move on,
knowing in their hearts where they belong.

Realization is forbidden,
dreamless nights cause a fright,
anxiety takes over,
forcing out the dark shadows that haunt them,
the darkness takes over,
the pain in clear view,
to a love that never was,
but the heart pushes for satisfaction.

Imaginary love,
crying out waterfalls,
but there is beauty in the breakdown.


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